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    We are the Rolling Tuskers. We love visual storytelling. We shoot all across the globe.

    Premium wedding films, corporate films/events/launches, music concerts or videos, we love visual storytelling and add our touch of aesthetics to it. Unlike contemporary ‘candid’ films that are either too stark and devoid of aesthetics in the name of ‘documentary style’ or are totally template based, rehearsed and cliche’d, our premium wedding films are an excellent blend of the documentary style coated in aesthetics.

    With experienced cinematographers in India, US and Canada, we bring freshness and a contemporary style to your weddings.

    Get in touch with us for your big day. We shoot across the globe!

    Wedding Highlights and Films
    Like what you see? Call us for your big day and preserve your memories with a touch of style.
    Corporate Film/events
    You have an image to build, a vision to share, or a story to tell, call us and add our touch.
    Music videos/events
    Audio sounds better when you sprinkle it with some great visuals.
    Product Launches
    A great product always has a great story. Let us help you tell your story.
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